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Previous Podcasts:

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May 2014

Adriano Rosselli, director of MILS Gallery about SILK ROAD contemporary Iranian photography exhibition in conjunction with SRAG Tehran – Maren Smith

April 2014

Frances Barrett, performance artist, member of Brown Council & co-director of Serial Space on durational performance art – Ira Ferris & Julia Suljada

March 2014

Macushia Robinson, art theorist and assistant curator of contemporary international art at the AGNSW on the Sol LeWitt retrospective – Ira Ferris & Julia Suljada

February 2014

Sebastian Goldspink, founder and director of Alaska Projects, Kings Cross, about unused spaces and underground art – Ira Ferris & Julia Suljada

Emma Pike, from Kaldor Public Art Projects about Tino Sehgal’s ‘This is so contemporary’ at AGNSW – Ira Ferris & Julia Suljada

Kusum Normoyle and Emily Morandini, artists exhibiting as part of the NOW now Group Show at SNO Contemporary Art Projects – Daniel Green

January 2014

Alice Furze and Brandan Hay, performers whose works are showing in Short & Sweet and Short & Sweet Cabaret – Julian Ramundi

SOMETHING ELSE – BEST OF 2013! Highlights include interviews with Simone Sheridan (TiNA & Street Art Walking), Emma Pike (Kaldor’s 13 Rooms) and Jim Anderson (Oz Magazine) –  compiled by Charlotte Karp presented by Joel Hagen

November 2013

Emma Ramsay, co-director of Tele Visions broadcast & performance event marking the end of analog television, part of ‘You’re History’ 30 yrs of Performance Space, Carriageworks – Maren Smith

Art Reviews of Ala Paredes, Peter Griffen and Yvette Hamilton at Gaffa Gallery, ArtSite Gallery and A-M Gallery – Charlotte Karp

October 2013

Harrison Woodhead, director of Immersion Indonesia documentary about a Habitat for Humanity volunteer trip and supernatural action thriller ‘Pandorian’ – Maren Smith

JD Reforma, artist, writer and curator talks about ‘After the Break’ project, second of two part exhibition on Oprah Winfrey’s 2011 Australian visit among other things – Daniel Green

September 2013

Simone Sheridan, arts worker and curator of ‘Street Art Walking’ and ‘This Is Not Art’ festival in Newcastle on volunteering and brokering paid deals for artists – Daniel Green

Kai Raisbeck, director of the Lucky Film Festival in Sydney which has an open brief and raises money for Arts Platform’s artist residency program – Julian Ramundi

Olivia Clement and Josie Stomann, writer director and lead actor, respectively, of ‘A Thank You Left Unsaid’, the opening night show of this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival – Joel Hagen

Resan and TerHor, Sydney street artists discuss the Sydney street art scene in legal and creative terms – Daniel Muggleton and Samuel Kettler

August 2013

Sanaz Fotouhi, director of the Persian International Film Festival which is running in Sydney for its second year with special guest Niki Karimi – Maren Smith

Samuel Bruce, artist and musician of Black Math, Knife Crimes and Electronic Resonance Korps performing at Underbelly Arts 2013 – Daniel Green

Benita de Wit and Zoe Andrikis, directors of stage and screen respectively about their experience of working at home and abroad – Samuel Kettler and Daniel Muggleton

July 2013

Sean Hall, director of micro music festival ’24’, and Liam McAlary, singer and guitarist from Blue Mountains band Shadow’s at Play – Joel Hagen

Fiona Hallenan-Barker and Brenda Hartley, theatre directors of readings of ‘The Women’ and ‘Morning Sacrifice’ as part of the supplement program to New Theatre’s production of Top Girls – Julian Ramundi

Shane Addison and Callum Lofts, writers, directors and performers of ‘Maverick and Ferris’ 8 Steps to SuccessP’ [sic] a parody of life coaches on at Sydney Fringe – Charlotte Karp

Marcus Whale, musician and performer of Collarbones, Scissor Lock, Black Vanilla and more about music, the nineties and #spillard – Daniel Green

June 2013

Alice Fraser, comedian and banjo player about her career, Cambridge Footlights and the gender card – Daniel Muggleton and Samuel Kettler

Dominica Nicholls and Kirsty McGuire, directors of Lady Hamlet, Hell Shakespeare Co. – Maren Smith & Charlotte Karp

Zoe Pelbart, comedian, writer and web series producer – Maren Smith

May 2013

Joshy Said, Stevie Bryant and some of the cast from Macquarie Musical Society’s production of ALICE – Julian Ramundi

Michael O’Donnell, musician and director of Pickpockets and Rascals – Rhys Cohen

Jack Stahel and David Greenhalgh from ARCHIVE_ gallery, and photographer Rachel Ireland – Charlotte Karp & Maren Smith

April 2013

Emiline Forster, dancer, choreographer and performance artist of Goodbye Apocalypse – Charlotte Karp

Emma Pike from Kaldor Public Art Projects on 13 Rooms performance art & living sculpture exhibition – Maren Smith

Murray Dahm, opera singer, performer, playwright and artistic director of Wot Opera – Rhys Cohen

Jim Anderson and Francesca Emerson-Foley, on Oz Magazine and a history of obscenity and counter culture – Julian Ramundi

March 2013

Daniel Muggleton and Samuel Kettler, comedians and organisers of Mug & Kettle Comedy open mic at the Record Crate in Glebe – Rhys Cohen

Kath Fries, sculpter, photographer and installation artist whose site-sensitive solo-exhibition Situational is at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery for Art Month – Maren Smith

Paul Williams and JD Reforma, directors of First Draft Gallery tell us about First drAFTER dark – Julian Ramundi

February 2013

Duncan Grahame, actor and playwright whose work Dreams In White ficionalises the Michael Devine scandal, on at Griffin Theatre – Charlotte Karp

Lou Millar, singer, songwriter & poet who has been featured in Voiceworks and Soul Food & Ambient Music Festival – Mathias Watson

January 2013

Rosita Holmes, artist who works in non-representarional collage and is curating three course experiemntal cuisine exerience at the NOW now Festival of Exploratory Music – Charlotte Karp

Liam O’Donoghue & Reuben Holt from Kinema Microcinema & AV Union in Leichhardt – Julian Ramundi

December 2012

David Burrowes, writer & co-director,  and Emily Sheehan, lead actor, of The Drive, webseries parodying community radio – Joel Hagen and Rhys Cohen

Bronsai Watkins and Sy Browne of Golden Orb, apocalyptic hillbilly folk, with live music in the studio – Mathias Watson

Simon Unwin, electronic artist also known as Hence Therefore, with live improv on the OP-1 and bonus tracks – Jessica Flood

November 2012

Jessie Ray, Liv In(the)finite and Nixi from Newtown’s regular jam & slam night Art Party, with live music & poetry – Mathias Watson

Jessica Bellamy & Dan Prichard, playwright & director respectively at Fresh Ink, Australian Theatre for Young People – Rhys Cohen

Bec Dean & Lex Lindsay, festival director & dirty movie curator respectively at SEXES Festival, Performance Space – Julian Ramundi

October 2012

Amy Thornett, ‘Will I need to be photographed naked?’ and the politics of representing female adolescents – Maren Smith

In Transit, local web series co-creator Maddy Butler, actor Nick Richards & director Alistair Wharton – Julian Ramundi

Nut & Butter Thing, live music in the studio and radio debut with this new local funk collective – Joel Hagen & Rhys Cohen

September 2012

Artist Residency Program public forum with Annie Laerkensen, Stephen Fenely & Kate Murray – Mathias Watson

Nick Jarvis from Jurassic Lounge and the Festivalists – Julian Ramundi

Paige Leacy & Jack Nielsen, of Atheist’s Guide to the Galaxy at Sidetrack Theatre – Mathias Watson

Frankie Frain & Keith Sadeck, Sexually Frank, Sydney Underground Film Festival – Charlotte Karp

Katherine Berger, co-director of the Sydney Underground Film Festival – Joel Hagen & Rhys Cohen

August 2012

BrotherFunk, jazz-funk-blues-reggae band from the Blue Mountains – includes free tracks – Charlotte Karp

RJ Williams & Nathan Ho, artists involved in Sidewayz 2012, on recycled snow/skateboards – Mathias Watson

Julian Day, sound artist, Super Critical Mass & An Infinity Room – Joel Hagen & Rhys Cohen

Cat Dibley of PantsGuys Productions on Punk Rock – Juliam Ramundi

July 2012

Averil Yeo and Sally Dulson of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Icarus Performance Troupe – Jessica Flood

Justin Cooper, painter and artist of The Gaming Effect – Charlotte Karp

Red Fire Red, local independent band – Joel Hagen & Rhys Cohen

Dominica Nicholls, performance poet and writer of Tales from Drunk Town – Charlotte Karp

June 2012

Skye Loneragan & Candy Royalle, live performance poetry special, Performoetics – Mathias Watson

Alain Gomis, director of SFF film ‘Today’ starring Saul Williams (interview by Justine Poon); Tami Sussman, slam poet – Joel Hagen & Rhys Cohen

Sydney Film Festival bonus interview – Pietra Brettkelly, director of ‘Maori Boy Genius’ – Justine Poon

Sydney Film Festival bonus interview – Steven Maing director of ‘High Tech, Low Life’ – Justine Poon

Arts bonus interview – Ben Vozzo, new media artist of #intheдуьнe – Maren Smith

Arts bonus interview – Peter Nelson, ‘Extensions of a No-Place’ – Maren Smith

Arts bonus interview – Ganga Giri, on world tour ‘Get it Started’ – Maren Smith

Arts bonus interview – Penny Vozniak, director of Sydney Film Festival doco ‘Despite the Gods’ – Maren Smith

Arts bonus interview – Aaron Seeto, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Variable Truth – Maren Smith

May 2012

Lauren Carroll Harris reviews White Rabbit Gallery – Lauren Carroll Harris

Dimitra Harvey: Poetry, Violence, Dispossession, Colonial Guilt – Charlotte Karp

Nick Keys performs ‘Becoming Otherwise Occupied’ (prod. Lauren Carroll Harris), Iron Sky review – Rhys Cohen

Sprinkles, Street Art and Tattoos – Mathias Watson

Mackenzie Steele, Griffin Theatre & GrifFringe – Rhys Cohen

April 2012

Something Else with Lauren Carroll Harris at Outpsoken poetics: Poetry without the beatniks and berets. Featuring P Smurf of the Daily Meds. – Lauren Carroll Harris

Experimental Music with Romy Caen – Reuben Holt

March 2012

How Festivals Affect Fringe Arts – Joel Hagen

John A. Douglas: Landscapes and Body Fluids – Maren Smith

Carolyn Teo aka Wun Thong: Live sound art special – Maren Smith

Lauren Carroll Harris talks with Jess Cook about 107 Projects: Cardboard kitchens, abandoned warehouses, falling in love at Occupy, and a Microphone Mermaid – Lauren Carroll Harris

February 2012

Branch3D and The Window Series: with Harriet Body and Sarah Nolan – Maren Smith

Persian International Film Festival: with Sanaz Fotouhi & Amin Palangi– Maren Smith

Live storytelling special with Caravan Slam – Lauren Carroll Harris

January 2012

Flickerfest: Kamambo & Nullarbor: with Victoria Goodyear & Alister Lockhart- Maren Smith

December 2011

Gallery 2166: with Angela Stretch – Justine Poon

Star Wars Burlesque and The Great Klepto Debate: with Bridget Hollins, Dr. Ann Deslandes, Pia van Gelder – Maren Smith

November 2011

Bendeguz Devenyi-Botos – Joel Hagen

David Burrowes on the COFA Annual – Joel Hagen

Candy Royalle – TJ’s interview with Candy Royalle about her new shows “Violence” and “Stories by Starlight” – Tanya Johannesen

Harriet Body and the Amazing Rolling Picture Show: with Harriet Body, Emma Pike and Sarah Langdon – Maren Smith

October 2011

Pip Curnow on TAP Gallery & Oxford Arts Festival – Joel Hagen

Go Figure: Shannon Field and Peter Nelson – Maren Smith

Life in Vitro: Lauren Teiko-Bayliss – Maren Smith

Jade Oldfield, Caravan Slam, inc. three of her spoken-word poems. – Justine Poon

September 2011

Astrid Lorange: language, grammar and poetry: Justine Poon

Nigel Sense talks painting & digital media – Lauren Carroll Harris

August 2011

Mark William Jackson and Les Wicks – Justine Poon

Stella Rosa McDonald – Maren Smith

Pam Brown: Jacket 2 – Justine Poon

Contested Territory, Cigdem Aydemir & Brendan Penzer – Maren Smith

July 2011

Eileen Chong: poetry – Justine Poon

Joel Burrows on Music Video & VJing – Maren Smith

Sara Givins: Double Effect – Maren Smith

June 2011

Stuart Cooke, ecopoetics, Allison Browning – Justine Poon

Gabriella Hirst and immersive art – Justine Poon

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