Tonight on Something Else we chat to Michelle St Anne, founder and Artistic Director of The Living Room Theatre specialising in multidisciplinary practice and production of so-called “sensory oriented theatre”.


The Living Room Theatre production of I Love Todd Sampson


Since 2000, when it was founded, The Living Room Theatre performed in venues such as the Sydney Opera House, The Performance Space, Carriageworks, and recently in a suburban laneway. Its productions involve interdisciplinary collaborations and bring together creatives from diverse disciplines including dance, sound, installation art, physical theatre, film, architecture, puppetry, and even academia! In 2013, The Living Room Theatre produced award winning I Love Todd Sampson which was performed at the Walsh Bay and involved collaboration with 37 members of the architectural community and award winning installation artist, Michaela Gleave to design and build 11 theatrical spaces over which the audience traversed each night.

When asked to describe her practice, Michelle answers “I am about the illogical.” She also quotes Pina Bausch and Federico Fellini as her influences. Tune in to 89.7FM at 6pm tonight (May 22) to find out why…




We will also discuss The Living Room Theatre’s latest project Wasted@Sydney, a performance tackling environmental issues and taking place at the University of Sydney on June 5th at 1pm. It has been described as: “Brides married to their bins. Trumpets blazing. Carillion’s ringing. Professor’s pulling bins and heaps of rubbish. Bring your latex!” So, expect elements of the unpredictable, absurd and fantastical ‘street theatre’.

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