Silk Road : contemporary Iranian photography at MILS Gallery

Last Thursday 8th May on Something Else, your weekly dose of alternative arts and culture, Maren Smith interviewed Adriano Rosselli, director of MILS Gallery, Surry Hills, about MLS027 ‘Silk Road’, an exhibition of three contemporary Iranian photographers in conjunction with Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran.


MLS027 – جاده ابريشم SILK ROAD, opening Thursday 15th May at MILS Gallery, brings works by three contemporary Iranian photographers to Surry Hills. Adriano Rosselli, director of MILS Gallery, speaks with us about each artist and their work, and about the arts culture in Tehran. We speak about the effect of taboos around homosexuality, transvestism and transgenderism, and youth culture in a police state.

The artists showing at Silk Road include Jalal Sepehr, Tahmineh Monzavi and Behnam Sadighi and was curated by Anahita Ghabaian of SRAG, Tehran.

MLSS07 – Silk Road

Opening drinks – Thursday 15 May, 6pm

15 May – 31 May, 2014, Wednesday – Saturday
MILS Gallery, 15 Randle St, Surry Hills


Knot Series Sepehr

Jalal Sepehr’s works being shown are from the Knot series, depicting traditional Persian rugs in the historical city of Yazd, intertwined within landscapes, amongst ancient architecture, and with people carrying, holding, throwing and standing on the rugs.



Tahmineh Monzavi, who was arrested in 2012, whose documentary photography depicts homeless women and transvestites, is showing works of abandoned wedding dresses in Tehran.

sadighi pillars

Behnam Sadighi’s works from the ‘Holidays’ series document Iranian young people on holidays, stark and beautiful natural landscapes that seem to confine the young people as they can’t quite escape the politics of their country even in nature.


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