On Endurance Art with Frances Barrett

Last Thursday, we spoke to Frances Barrett about the Long-durational Performance Art.

We touched upon the strategies employed in physical and mental preparation for these endurance pieces, potential ethical concerns involved, questions of time and altered state of consciousness this genre of performance art elicits, and much more. We also asked Frances if the intention behind the long-durational performance is to put the audience in an uncomfortable position.

You can listen to our discussion here.

In March this year, Frances performed Occupation, a performance of sedation. In this work, Frances imposed her performance on the exhibition space, rupturing the curatorial vision through positing her sedated body amongst the other works of art. Occupation is a performance that explores the notion of occupying, transforming and disrupting space – both physically and psychologically.

Frances Barrett, “Occupation“, 2014

This show was inspired by the upcoming visit to Australia of the renowned New York based artist Tehching Hsieh, who is considered a “master” of the durational performance genre. Tehching’s seminal work Time Clock Piece (1980-1981), will be showing at the Carriageworks from April 29th to July 6th. In this work, every hour on the hour, twenty four hours a day, for one year, Hsieh punched a time clock. At each punch, a movie camera shot a single frame. When edited together, one day was condensed into one second and one year reduced to around six minutes. The Carriageworks presentation marks the first time a major solo work by Tehching Hsieh will be presented in Australia. The installation comprises the documents the artist produced (photographs, film, time cards, and statements) as he observed the passing of time in this relentlessly methodical manner over a grueling one year period.

Tehching Hsieh, Time Clock Piece, 1980-1981

Tehching Hsieh, Time Clock Piece, 1980-1981


1) Badman by Antenat (album Karavana, Dirty Old Label)
2) Mr. Bobby by Manu Chao (album Próxima Estación: Esperanza, Virgin Records)

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