Nice To Meet You, Giselle Stanborough


Drinks occationally

Giselle Stanborough, “Nice2MEch@: smokes occasionally, drinks occasionally”, 2013.

Giselle Stanborough is a Sydney based intermedia artist whose practice addresses online user generated media and the way in which such technologies encourage us to identify and perform notions of self. Her works range from bound books of QR codes hiding conversations between artificial intelligences to installation pieces using Youtube clips to examine the lasting effects the mistakes of parents can have on their children. What at first glance appears to be collection of memes and in-jokes reveals a great tension between pop and personal. Tonight we’ll be talking with Giselle about her practice, as she works towards the unveiling of her current project Nice2MeCh@ at the 2014 Next Festival in Melbourne.

Nice2MeCh@ encourages participants to engage with the artist through online social and dating websites, alongside a custom-built portal – From here, participants can join Giselle on ‘art dates’ to other events within the Next Wave Festival. From here the focus is less on experiencing such events with an ‘insider’ (though Stanborough states within the festival guide that such “translation service[s]” are possible), but rather for people who might not otherwise meet to have a chance to experience something new together. A lot like a date really.

Tune in tonight from 6pm on Eastside FM 89.7 to find out more, or as always you can listen online here.