Unhappening with Jimmy Dalton

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jimmy Dalton, one quarter of the Sydney art collective Unhappen who create theatre, installation art and interactive spaces which deal with technology, the changing nature of audience and social relations.

Cough by Emily Calder

Cough by Emily Calder

As a group of writers, directors, composers, tech-heads and illustrators, their work is diverse and interesting but also incredibly accessible and engaging. During the show we talked a lot about their upcoming theatre piece Cough, which will be showing at 107 Projects from the 10th of April; a dark fairy tale drawing on the writer’s (Emily Calder) time spent working in child care. Jimmy also gave us some insight into the creative and productive processes of the collective and how their collaborative approach shapes their work.

I met you in a city that isn't on the map

I met you in a city that isn’t on the map

On a more philosophical tangent, we touched on a previous Unhappen project called “I met you in a city that isn’t on the map” which has had several incarnations over the last few years. An evolving, game-based installation involving a massive destructible scale model city, this project brings up some really interesting questions about human nature, attitudes in the face of inevitable death, nihilism, post-modernism and more.

You can check out more about Unhappen on their website, or listen to a podcast of the show on the Something Else page of the Eastside Radio site here