“A marriage is made to be broken”


How do you put a new spin on a play that has supposedly been staged more times in Australia than any other piece of theatre? Tonight on Something Else we sit down with the cast and Director of new production of Dimboola by Epicentre Theatre Company, opening next week at King Street Theatre.

The play Dimboola is loud, crass, and very, very Australian. Set in a Mechanics Hall in a Victorian country town, audiences are subjected to (and unwillingly thrown into the middle of) an alcohol-fueled wedding complete with warring families and no shortage of debauchery.

First staged in 1969 by La Mama Theate Company, it immediately entered the cultural consciousness and began what original director Graeme Blundell described as “a run that never ended”. According to legend, it’s been performed more times in Australia than any other play (including several productions a year just within the town of Dimboola itself). Though like any good yarn it’s impossible to to verify the details.

Curious to find out just how bad this wedding gets? Tune in tonight from 6pm to Eastside FM 89.7 as we talk to Adam Delaunay, Annie Schofield, Letita Tseng, Anna Dooley along with Director Darcy Green, or you can always listen online here.