Lovingly built with Breezeblock


Space is the place it seems. Following on from last week’s episode featuring Ira and Julia’s interview with Sebastian Goldspink about Alaska Projects, this week Daniel will catch up with artist Sean Rafferty to talk about his work with the new(ish) space Breezeblock in Kings Cross.

Breezeblock describes itself as a not-for-profit project currently holding court in an unoccupied retail space (courtesy of Ian Hayson and The Hayson Group, the website notes). This model of operation continues to build steam, spearheaded by the great success of Renew Newcastle and similar projects. Sean himself is no stranger to the artist-run initiative, having worked at Firstdraft between 2006-2007 and serving on the board of the publication Runway in addition to his own practice continuing throughout.

We’ll talk to Sean about the challenges of working with industry to establish a creative space, and maintaining a strong community of such a space in a city with many spaces. And that’s just for starters.

Tune in tonight from 6pm to Eastside FM 89.7, or you can always listen online here.