Peter Blamey’s Gentle Chaos


Peter Blamey, performing at the 2013 NOW now Festival. Photograph by Daniel Green.

Peter Blamey is an artist, it says so on his website. It also says that he has been “doing performances and making works for quite a while now, and looks like continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.” When I think about this statement, and how it’s simultaneously enigmatic and matter-of-fact in the context of Blamey’s work, I’m slightly awe-struck. And also just jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

In the physical realm, Blamey’s work is as complex as it is diverse. He’s made installations and recordings centered around what he calls “‘open electronics’, [exploring] connectivity, variability and re-use, and also ideas of electricity, history, ecology and experimentalism in a more general sense”. What appears in a gallery space to be pieces of computers jettisoned during council cleanup, betrays a functioning feedback loop that can be manipulated by the audience. Stereophonic clicks and pulses that could be post-postmodern dance music, is simply sound of mixer inputs fed back into itself; a gentle chaos guided by Peter’s hands. His live performances incorporating these systems are highly coveted and intensely entertaining; with his appearance at this year’s NOW now Festival described as watching sorcery. “With extra sauce,” Blamey humbly retorted.

We pin peter down to talk about all these things, and quite possibly a whole bunch else. Join us this evening from 6pm on Eastside 89.7FM, or you can listen online via this handy stream.


Peter Blamey’s recent release “Forage” on AvantWhatever.