The NOW now Group Show 2014 @ SNO Contemporary Art Projects


Across five days and multiple venues, the 2014 NOW now festival also included an excellent group show of sound-based installations at SNO Contemporary Art Projects in Marrickville. This week on Something Else we spoke to two artists featured in the exhibition, Emily Morandini and Kusum Normoyle.

Since beginning in 2001 with a single gig in the basement of Space 3 in Chippendale, and expanding into a festival in January of 2002, the organisation that has become The NOW now is into second decade and only continues to build momentum. Since those early days the festival has expanded in size, scope and even location with the festival taking place in the Blue Mountains for a number of years. Indeed, what was once simply a festival of improvised music now encompasses free jazz, experimental music, world music, noise, exploratory sound, performance and visual arts. It is indeed the other Sydney festival.

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Show Notes

The 2014 NOW now festival ran from January 8 – 12 across multiple venues. You can find out more information from their website and Facebook page. SNO Contemporary Art Projects can be found at this hyperlink.

The following pieces of music were played on the show:

“Moon” by Pollen Trio*
“Untitled Mess (Pink)” [Excerpt] by Kusum Normoyle
(An untitled piece of music that I refuse to call ‘Untitled’) by Hard Hat
“Pacific Problem” by Soft Power*

* These two tracks can be found on the excellent NOW now 2014 compilation put together by New Weird Australia

Did you see any of the festival this year? It was truly excellent; confounding and bizarre, but excellent.