Tele Visions – interview with Emma Ramsay

‘Television has been attacking us all our lives, now we can attack it back‘ – Nam June Paik (1970)

Something Else, 6pm Thursday 21st November, Maren interviewed Emma Ramsay, co-director Tele Visions at Performance Space, Carriageworks, 28th November to 8th December. To hear this podcast and previous podcasts, follow the instructions on our podcast tab above. televisions474_n

Tele Visions a series of live broadcast performances, events and video works to commemorate and celebrate the shutting down of analog television on December 3rd, at the end of 57 years of constant streaming into homes across Australia. The event, co-directed by Alex White and Emma Ramsay, is part of Performance Space’s ‘You’re History’ program celebrating their own 30 year anniversary.

The event will be broadcast on a short range analog transmitter from Carriageworks, so if you’ve still got an old fashioned tube telly with rabbit ears, you can watch some amazing and original art works live from your living room. For those of us who said a hurried and undignified goodbye when digital TV started, you can make amends and live stream the event online too.

Artists including Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett, Pia van Gelder, Joel Stern, Nick Keys and more will be performing new works specifically devised for live broadcast with a studio audience. Works include durational performance work ‘Box Set’, in which Blackmore and Barrett will sit and watch all 525 episodes of the Simpsons over the course of eight days.

There will also be talks and pre-prepared works screened, including a re-run of the historic ‘The Bicentennial Will Not Be Televised’, a live television art event produced by Paper Tiger and Radio Redfern in 1988 parodying the bicentennial broadcast of the time.

Tele Visions – curated by Alex White and Emma Ramsay

28 NOV – 1 DEC, Performance Space

Carriageworks 245 Wilson St Eveleigh 2015

There’s more going on than you can poke a stick at, check out their full program and buy tickets online here –

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