Victoria Spence: Living With Our Dead



This week on Something Else we meet Victoria Spence, a performer, consultant and life rites celebrant with over 20 years of experience in community and cultural development. In 2010 Victoria helped start Living With Our Dead, an organisation fostering individual and community artistic expression, placing death as a significant part of life. They state their aim is to “encourage personal and idiosyncratic expressions of how we live with our dead – our people, animals, flora and fauna. And through this, to understand what living with our dead may offer us as individuals and communities… [creating] a new language and aesthetics of death and remembrance.”

This weekend Living With Our Dead will be hosting “A Picnic Among Friends“, an annual gathering (now in its fourth year) for family and friends to celebrate their lives of their departed loved-ones. Victoria and I will be talking about about the picnic, the importance of sharing these experiences.

You can tune in tonight to Eastside FM from 6pm, or listen via this handy link.