Simone Sheridan: Street Art Walking


Street Art Walking’s Simone Sheridan. Photograph by Nicholas Pitt.

In the last few months, we’ve spoken to a number of street artists on Something Else and covered the diverse range of practice that hides just below the city’s surface – from full scale murals, to paste-ups and guerrilla art installations. It’s contentious work, if for no other reason than its common association as existing on the other side of the law. In this edition of Something Else, we brought a slightly different take on the artists and work existing within this medium. Simone Sheridan runs Street Art Walking – a street art project and collective in Newcastle that aims to create temporary and permanent public art spaces. With projects such as Renew Newcastle and the long-running This Is Not Art festival, Newcastle has been an important creative hub for emerging artists, and Street Art Walking continues this tradition by aspiring to fill Newcastle’s empty walls with high-quality artworks and creating paid employment for artists and designers.

Daniel Green spoke with Simone about the challenges faced when matching such with the interests of business and the general public, as well as her extensive experience working within the arts in Newcastle.

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