Lucky Film Festival



Kai Raisbeck (left) with Lucky Film Festival co-director Sama Ky Balson

Julian chatted with Lucky Film Festival co-director Kai Raisbeck about the festival. In it’s third year, the festival has an unconventionally conventional approach; it’s open to any film of any style or genre, with the only rule being one of time – it must be 10 minutes or less.

In the current film festival climate of specialised creations, signature items, themed festivals or genre-based festivals, an open brief is simple yet quite refreshing. Kai talked about how, as a filmmaker himself, he knew a lot of other filmmakers with long-forgotten shorts, sitting on a shelf (or hard drive). He wanted to give these films a chance to be seen again and engaged with rather than being lost to a corner of Vimeo or entered into a couple of festivals and never seen again. With the festival open to sketch, art pieces and also music videos, it’s aim is to provide a variety of films to a small audience.

The festival also serves as a fundraiser for The Arts Platform, a multipurpose space in Leichhardt which offers room for performance, rehearsal and creative space. The winner of the festival (or ‘luckiest film’) receives a residency with the Arts Platform, and there are other prizes for various other ‘lucky’ categories. All funds raised go to supporting the Platform’s artist residency programs.

Aside form the festival, Kai also chatted about his experience as a director and the differences in his approach directing theatre and film. Lucky Film Festival is happening at the Arts Platform on October 12, but entries close on the lucky date of Friday September 13.

You can check out the festival here, and Kai’s work here.

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