Underbelly Arts, Electronic Resonance Korps, Samuel Bruce and you.

Knife Crimes

Samuel Bruce (Performing as ‘Knife Crimes’). Photograph by Rob Barker.

Over the weekend of August 3 & 4, the 2013 Underbelly Arts Festival took over Cockatoo Island, with over a hundred artists taking on thirty projects across two days. I hear it was great. Did you go? You should talk about that in the comments if you so wish.

Of all the projects that happened as part of Underbelly, this week on Something Else we’ll be concentrated on but one, speaking with Samuel Bruce of Electronic Resonance Korps. The ERK seek to challenge the notion that performing improvised music from a laptop is purely a solo endeavour with an audience in awe of the performers glowing screen. Instead, these musicians like to surround their audiences in warm ambient noise. Trust me, it’s a real treat.

Samuel and I talked about these things, as well as his “shambolic circuit bent techno” act Knife Crimes.

You can find out more about Electronic Resonance Korps at this hyperlink. Better still you can click the below link and listen to the podcast. Good times!

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