Micro Music Festivals & Folk

On this week’s episode of Something Else, Joel is going to be talking to friend of the show, Sean Hall, the organiser of 24, a micro music festival right here in Sydney. We’ll be talking about what it takes to run an independent music festival and all the successes and challenges it has had along the way. Sean is also the lead singer of Red Fire Red who were featured on Something Else in July 2012, so we’ll catch up with Sean on what big things have been happening for the band since then.


And if that’s not enough, we’ll also be chatting with Liam, vocalist and guitarist in the folk-rock multi-instrumental 4-piece band, Shadows At Play, who are featured in the next edition of 24 on August 3rd at its regular venue, The Square. Shadows At Play have a pretty unique journey, starting with a shack which two members of the band bought in the Blue Mountains where songwriters, musicians and bands can come together to collaborate and be inspired. We’ll chat with Liam about these routes and where the band has taken their upbeat folk from there.

Shadows at Play

For a sneak peak, feel free to listen to the bands on triple j unearthed here and here.

Listen online or tune in to 89.7FM at 6pm Thursday 25th.