Top Girls


Theatre in Sydney is definitely at it’s peak currently, particularly independent theatre, and the New Theatre has really presented a very strong program of plays this year. One of those plays is Top Girls, running currently. As a compliment to Top Girls, the New Theatre is also staging rehearsed readings of two plays – The Women by Clare Boothe-Luce and Morning Sacrifice by Dymphna Cusack.

Julian Ramundi recently sat down with the director’s of thes readings, Fiona Hallenan-Barker and Brenda Hartley, to discuss the program, and the over-arching theme of feminism in the three plays. Fiona is also the dramaturg of Top Girls so had some interesting things to say about all three plays.

Top Girls is a modern English classic, set in the Thatcher era of the early 80s and currently looked back on as an important piece of theatre, both for Britain’s political history as well as women’s history. The issues are still as prevalent as they are painful.

Top Girls runs at the New Theatre until Aug 3 –

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