Marcus Whale is A Busy Man

Marcus Whale, Photo by William Suen

Marcus Whale, Photo by William Suen

In the last twelve months, it’s highly possible Marcus Whale has had a hand in a piece of music you would like to listen to. Aside from forming half of the group Collarbones, Marcus gets around town under the moniker of Scissor Lock (which in itself forms one part of an ongoing collaboration with Sydney producer Thomas William), as most recently has done the rounds within the “total R&B party band” Black Vanilla. After spending what seems like most of 2013 on a stage somewhere, Marcus stopped in to Eastside FM to have a chat with Something Else.

What started as a discussion about “Sad Club“, Marcus’ latest venture, took a turn toward the unknown as he and I discussed the demise of our former Prime Minister as seen by Twitter, my reluctance to adapt to the new musical economy, and Marcus’ upcoming cassette release incorporating great breakups from Degrassi (both generations) with the work of R&B artist The Dream. It was quite the ride.

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Show Notes

The following pieces of music were played on the show:

Body & Soul – Coleman Hawkins with Billy Byers and his Hawkestra (from “The Hawk In Hifi”)
Cadillic – Thomas William vs. Scissor Lock (from “Jewelz”)
Hypothermia – Collarbones (featuring Guerre)

ESP, the anti-skip function used in Sony Discmans, stood for “Electronic Skip Protection”, and not “Extra Shock Protection” as I suggested.

While we were unable to play The Zit Remedy [or The Zits, whichever you prefer] song Everybody Wants Something on the show, I’m happy to be able to include it here. You’ll agree it was worth the wait.