Musical societies aren’t often thought of in the same area as ‘alternative arts’, but when a society consists of a group of young people producing new work, ‘edgy’ and ‘alternative’ definitely do come to mind.

Some of the cast and creative from Macquarie Musical Society sat in the studio to chat about Alice, their new adaptation of the classic Wonderland Tale. With an updated setting and music, as well as a cast of over 26, I chatted with the guys about the show and extensive rehearsal process.

Writer and director Stevie Bryant was passionate about her work and the young cast bringing it to life for the first time. We were also lucky enough to have a performance of the opening song by Scarlett McGrouther, who plays Alice.

The show opens Fri May 31 and runs until Sunday June 9 at the Lighthouse Theatre in north Ryde. You can find more info and tickets here.


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