David Greenhalgh, Jack Stahel and Rachael Ireland: ART!

Archive_ is a brand spanking new gallery located in the heart of Newtown that opened its doors to the public on the 1st of May with exhibition ‘We Live As We Dream, Alone’, curated by Jack Stahel and David Greenhalgh. After heading to the opening, Charlotte and Maren were lucky enough to catch up with Jack and David on the 2nd for a chat about both the exhibition, and the gallery itself.

Archive_ was formed in response to the open source information bank on the world wide web. Projects, events and ideas aren’t so much archived anymore, they’re simply digitalisted and added to the web for anyone to stumble upon, but not kept in files and archived for the sake of historical records. This project brings the visual information of a generation of artists into an archive of its own with a series of exhibitions showcasing emerging talent in both artistic and curatorial fields.

We chatted about implications of displaying all exhibitions on the web, what it means for the artists to have their work archived, and how Archive_ differs from other galleries in Sydney. ‘We Live As We Dream, Alone’ (pictured) is open until the 1st of June on 5 Eliza Street, Newtown.


We also spoke to photographic artist Rachael Ireland about her latest exhibition, ‘An Intimate Dimension’ at Gallery Red in Glebe as an associated exhibition of the Head On Photo Festival.

After being thrust into a completely different environment on the other side of the world for an artist residency program in Argentina, Rachael began exploring the notion of ‘home’. What is home? Why do we feel the need to familiarise our current environment with reminders of home? How is this achieved?



“The layered photographic imagery I create is contemplation on how people have, and continue to encounter and engage with unfamiliar environments and, alternatively, how people allow these environments to infiltrate their home, particularly in contemporary urbanised society.”


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