Dead Bird Society


Sydney’s street art culture is burgeoning currently, and the main hub for the scene is the inner west. Julian had a chat to inner west based art collective Dead Bird Society about their most recent show Re:Creation, at Scratch Art Space in Marrickville.

The three artists, Jomapi (Johan Marais-Piper) , The Thing (Gary Panayi) and The Seed (Jack Drummond), talked about their process in making varying works in mediums including digital, graphic, sculpture and print and including their own solo work as well as group work in their shows.

The guys all come from varying backgrounds artistically, both trained and untrained, and discussed how this still bears little on their approach to the work and how they collaborate; their main inspiration is drawn from what they find around them, as well as each other.

There’s plenty of art collectives springing up in Sydney at the moment; some of which arise mainly as a platform for exposure in a large and growing art scene, but the guys from DBS had a strong affinity for the work they create as well as eachother, as friends and peers. They almost seemed to treat their union as similar to being in a band; drawing on eachothers strengths and allowing each to have their own place.

Dead Bird Society Re:Creation has now closed at Scratch Art Space, but you can find and follow the crew at their page here.