Want to join Something Else?

APPLICATIONS FOR THE PRESENTERS OF SOMETHING ELSE ARE NOW CLOSED – but if you have a rad idea for a radio segment, or would like to contribute to our show, you can send us an email to somethingelse897@gmail.com

We’re looking for one presenter and four contributors to join our show! The presenter would be keen, savvy, have a passion for alternative arts in Sydney, and would be able to produce content and present a regular monthly show. We’re also looking for writers, comedians, actors, poets, sound artists, journalists and more who have an idea for a regular short segment that would complement our show. Technical radio ability is a plus, but most important is a creative streak and a love and knowledge of the arts. More information on the positions and how to apply are below.

Deadline for applications is 12:00 on 8/4/13.

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On-air since 1983, community station Eastside Radio broadcasts to the greater eastern Sydney area and beyond. We provide the best of specialist music, community and arts programs. You can hear Eastside Radio throughout the municipalities of Botany, Randwick, Waverley, and Woollahra, plus the City of Sydney and Inner West and beyond. We can also be heard around the world via online streaming. Eastside is kept going by our supporters in the community and business supporters, our team of volunteers and a love and passion for music and the arts.

Eastside’s frequency is 89.7FM, more information and news on the website, facebook and twitter.



Something Else has been on Eastside for over three years, providing an alternative to mainstream arts coverage by showcasing underground, emerging or controversial artists across all disciplines. The show is mixed format, presented by a rotating roster of four regular presenters who invite local artists on air for interviews, live performance, discussion, debate or to curate their own half hour of radio. We pride ourselves on being a free space for artists to speak their mind and use the airwaves in new and inventive ways.

Our current team is made up of presenters Rhys Cohen, Charlotte Karp and Julian Ramundi, and producers Joel Hagen and Maren Smith.

Something Else is on 89.7FM, Thursday nights at 6pm, and our show can be streamed from the Eastside website, podcast here, with more news from us on facebook and twitter.




We’re looking for a presenter to start with us on a trial period, with a view to becoming a permanent part of our show. You would need to be able to commit to one show every four weeks, and occassionally filling in for other presenters. Doing this show involves: creating unique content, liaising with guests and contributors, planning a show, presenting the show, editing and podcasting the audio file, writing a blog and show summary, publicising the show and podcast using social media. This is a volunteer position.

We’re looking for someone:

– Reliable and consistent in presenting a show on Thursday nights at 6pm, once every four weeks, and organizing the show at least a week before going to air.

– Punctual with excellent on air and off air time management skills.

– Knowledgable in the arts, with passion and expertise in at least one field (can be visual arts, performing arts, written word, film and video arts etc.)

– Confident in speaking on air, good listening and interviewing skills, and ability to keep a show both insightful and enjoyable.

– Creative in finding topical ideas for shows, with astute knowledge of arts trends and artists and innovative ideas for format and using radio airtime in new ways.

– Ability to work with other presenters, contribute to the show by supporting and engaging with other presenter’s shows and attending regular show and station meetings.

Other qualities or skills that would help (but that aren’t deal-breakers):

– Radio experience, or experience with panelling, live sound mixing and recording, using microphones.

– Audio design, editing, mixing, post-production, podcasting experience.

– Computer skills such as writing, word-processing, blogging, social media, podcasting,

What you get from us:

– Radio experience on a fun and friendly show and on a respected and beloved community radio station, Eastside is known for its community focus, diversity of voices and amazing music.

– Radio training, in both the technical side of how things work, and the creative side of how to host, how to interview, how to manage time on air.

– Half an hour of non-commercial airtime – we play great music, we talk about things that matter to the community and we have a freedom of format that allows for experimentation and innovation. Eastside is the only station in Sydney that supports, creates and airs radio plays, and we have once of the most diverse groups of presenters and music styles in the city.

Does this sound like something you’d be into?

If you’d like to apply please send the following:

  • – A cover letter explaining what you think you’d bring to the role and how you fit the criteria.
  • – A one page CV of relevant experience/education.

Email – somethingelse897fm@gmail.com before noon Monday 8th April, 2013.

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If you have an idea for a regular or irregular segment to be played on air, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for segments of up to five minutes to appear during a regular show. We’re open to any kind of suggestion, but something along the lines of:

– Radio play series, divided into short segments to be played out every week.

– Comedy segment, with regular comedian/s, either live or pre-recorded.

– Poetry or spoken word submissions, can be a one off or a suggestion for a regular segment.

– Arts news or current affairs segment discussing topical issues in the local scene.

– Arts review segment, reviewing current shows, galleries, festivals, films or artists, as relevant to our show.

If you’re interested and think you might have something for us, we’d love to hear from you. You can suggest regular segments, and curate the guests or topics you would have in that segment. You can suggest yourself as an artist or performer, as either a one -off or a regular segment. You can apply as an indiviual or if you have a partner or a group in mind, you’re welcome to apply as a team.

To propose a contribution or regular contributing segment, please contact us with:

  • – A cover letter explaining the idea behind your proposal and how it would fit into our show, including a proposed schedule and any additionals such as names of co-contributors, guests, topics or events.
  • – A short, one page CV of relevant education and experience.

Email – somethingelse897fm@gmail.com before noon Monday 8th April, 2013.

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Paddington Town Hall, 249a Oxford Street, Paddington

Email – somethingelse897@gmail.com

Facebook- facebook.com/somethingelse897

Twitter- @somethingelse897

Eastisde postal address: P.O. Box 343, Paddington, NSW, 2021

Eastside FM phone: (02) 9331 3000

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