“No-one on this program advocates rape”

I probably should have known better than to ask, but I’ve always been interested in what comedians think about pushing the boundaries of permissible topics for jokes. But that’s not all we spoke about on last Thursday’s show.

Daniel Muggleton and Samuel Kettler, the duo behind Mug and Kettle Comedy, ran us through what it’s like to get an independent open mic night operational. Most of the problems seemed to revolve around money.

“We bought a bell yesterday, it cost $3.99, and Dan still owes me $2, so I’m going to have all the shares when we float”

We also got a great insight into the Sydney open mic scene, and how it compares to what could be considered the heart of stand-up comedy; New York. Their new open mic night, which opened just a few days ago, is modelled around a format which strikes me as very American in its de-regulated style and egalitarianism. With no pre-booking, no entry fee and an active desire to attract the eccentric and the weird, Mug and Kettle Comedy is not your average night out.


During the course of the show, we took a few diversions including talking about Louie C.K. and his show, Louie (which you should all watch immediately). In case you were interested, here’s the ‘I would have raped Hitler’ bit we mentioned. Disclaimer – if the title offends you, don’t watch this. We also covered Carl Barron, Daniel Kitson and Patrice O’Neal.

Mug and Kettle Comedy is hosted upstairs at the Record Crate in Glebe, as opposed to a pub, which gives it a much more welcoming feeling to the young and uninitiated. Daniel and Sam explained to me that it came mostly out of a desire to have a place to practice and cut their teeth in a venue where literally anyone can walk in off the street and be guaranteed a few minutes under the limelight. And if you’d rather not stand up in front of a room of strangers, it’s free for the audience as well.

Mug and Kettle Comedy happens every Wednesday at the Record Crate. Signup for comics is 6:30pm, the fun starts at 7:00pm. Entry is free. BYO funny.

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