Sex, Lies and a Great Australian Script

The Herman Rockefeller disaster hit the Australian press in 2010 and caused quite a stir. What started out as a story about a seemingly normal, middle aged, wealthy family man who had an affair ended up being uncovered as a full blown sex case fuelled by lies and deception relating to his sex crazed alias, Andy Kingston. To maintain discretion, Rockefeller had about five mobile phones going, not only to separate the vast amount of couples he slept with, but to keep track of the different sex ad’s he posted under different names. The charade had been going for many years and was only uncovered when his dismembered body was discovered and an investigation was launched. But how does someone’s personality split so dramatically? How does one feel as if they’re so fuelled by a foreign desire that they deem it necessary to lead a life of deception? This is what Duncan Graham set out to explore in his new play, Dreams In White.

While the script is only loosely based on the Rockefeller story, many of the characters and core themes remain the same. The play jumps in and out of different times and places, keeping the audience thoroughly intrigued as to what will happen next and who Michael Devine (the Rockefeller character) actually is. There is a blatant, ongoing theme of secrecy that just makes you wonder what happens behind closed doors, and how many people you know live in a world of secrets.

Duncan himself was vibrant, enthusiastic, and very patient while Maren and I fiddled with the programs in studio B. He welcomed a chat about the state of Australian theatre, spoke knowledgeably and at length about the arts scene from a playwright’s perspective, and was a joy to interview. To check out this podcast and more, head to  iTunes, open up the ‘Advanced’ menu bar, select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and pasting this URL into the dialogue box:

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