Drawing Robots

I should clarify, this is not about people drawing robots. It’s about a robot ‘who’ (or should it be ‘that’?) draws. If art is an important distinguishing factor separating humans from all else, it’s time to start preparing to welcome our new robotic overlords, because they are now artists too.

Grant Stewart Robot

This week on Something Else we are going to be talking to Grant Stewart, an artist who works primarily in new media art and interactive technologies.He has created a robot that meticulously creates delicate, undulating forms over hours, days and weeks with mathematical and mechanical precision, modulated by it’s own eccentricities. These beautiful forms delicately bring into question the idea of the value of artistic skill within the context of computer/generative art. Where does the appreciation for beauty lie in a work that appears hand drawn and yet is completely artificial in its production?

Grant Stewart Continuum Assumption

Grant is not formally trained in robotics or programming, but has used freely available information and open source software to build the robot.

To find out more about how Grant got involved in robotic artforms and open source communities listen to Something Else on Eastside 89.7FM tomorrow (Thurs. 14th) at 6pm, or listen online by going to eastsidefm.org/arts/somethingelse.

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