Feasts, Music, Collage and a Touch of Icing Sugar

Rosita Holmes

After struggling to find a guest after a last minute cancellation, I sped up to Marrickville after work on Wednesday hoping to make it in time for the NOW now festival and meet some of the wonderful artists that helped put the show together. From the moment I walked up the narrow staircase and into the sunlit gallery, I knew this would be an experience like no other. Voices, sounds, images and flickering screens filled the space and I knew that, even I didn’t find anyone to interview, a review of the experience alone would have filled the time slot.

I was lucky enough to meet gallery curator Rishin Singh who introduced me to many of the artists, one of which was the lovely Rosita Holmes. Rosita has been involved with performance in the past, studying sculpture performance and installation at Sydney College of the arts. Her practice now is mostly none representational college which involves playing with surface, texture, paper quality and colour rather then cutting, pasting or rearranging objects or subjects. Her work at the NOW now festival comprised of found images collaged on masonite.

Musicians at the Rosita Holmes and Rishin Singh cuisine*

As part of the 2013 NOW now Festival of Exploratory Music, Rosita Holmes combined with Rishin Singh to host a three-course lunch for ten guests over three days at a warehouse in Marrickville. The event comprised of a cuisine, created by the artists themselves, with three different experimental musicians each day playing live as the feast took place. The cuisine was a piece of interactive art in itself, as the guests were to accept a complete sensory overhaul in order to completely experience the event. The musicians would react according to the social vibe – if there was a lull in conversation, the music would soften and allow the moment to pass before piping up again.

While Rosita doesn’t yet have a website, you can follow her work at https://www.facebook.com/rosita.holmes

If you’d like more information on the NOW now festival, head to http://thenownow.net/the-now-now-festival-2013/.

For more information on Rosita Holmes’s performance artwork involving 300kg of icing sugar (To Dust) download this podcast by heading to iTunes, open up the ‘Advanced’ menu bar, select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and paste this URL into the dialogue box http://www.cpod.org.au/feed.php?id=308

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*Image courtesy of http://lisathatcher.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/the-now-now-right-now-day-3-festival-review/