The Poppy Burnett Show!

Despite forgetting to grab the print off of my interview, jumping on the wrong bus to East Side Headquarters, not realising until the bus was half way down the wrong street, having insufficient funds to purchase an additional bus ticket, combating this by deciding to leg the rest of the journey, battling my hopeless sense of direction, battling Apple Maps, exhaustedly stumbling through the station door, realising my USB was on its deathbed and subsequently deleted all the music for that nights show, frantically Googling during the show to find the aforementioned songs, downloading the program recording for podcasting purposes, successfully listening to it at home, going to find it again 10 hours later to find the infernal thumb drive deleted it, remembering I was drowning in assessments and literally couldn’t return to the station to retrieve the recording, being told the station got a new form of podcasting and that I could download it from the website, discovering that only 15 minutes of the show is on the website and hearing that the station no longer keeps the program logs I initially retrieved the recording from….


Though she is so new and upcoming that she has very little work available online, Poppy is well on her way to becoming an established writer. After going to an event organised by Word Travels in the rocks with American poets Phil and Sarah Kaye, Poppy was able to fully appreciate the power of spoken word poetry. “I realised that spoken word was the perfect intersection of language and theatre, and something about it just really…spoke to me? (excuse the pun) I had never really been that interested in poetry before, but this just seemed like such a raw and intelligent way of telling stories and expressing yourself.” Her poetry is rich with images and earthy tones from an incredibly humanistic and all-encompassing perspective.

We were lucky enough to hear a live reading of Sometimes, The Sea where Poppy’s down to Earth and observant nature was revealed. Inspired by her experiences growing up around Bondi, Poppy spoke of our seemingly chaotic lives and consequent inability to explore and appreciate simple natural wonders. Her work is rich, raw and, above all, honest. There is something in her work that rings true in humanity, something that people can relate to and something that makes you actually stop and listen to what she’s got to say. There’s no theatrics, no judgement and no frivolity in her poetry, only truth.

Due to extremely unfortunate circumstances this podcast is unavailable until further notice. While no promises can be made, all is not necessarily lost!  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, why not follow Poppy on Twitter? She is worth seeing live and, while we’ll keep you updated on future performances, you can probably get some sneak peeks by following her @poppppy.

We also played some awesome tunes by new artist William Frank, check out his stuff at and

We’ve got a great show coming up this Thursday so tune in or listen online to Something Else on 89.7 East Side FM at 6pm for the beginning of another great year on air. Happy new year everyone!

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