The Drive

A couple of weeks ago Joel & Rhys had the pleasure of presenting an episode of Something Else all about the new web series they are both involved in making. They got to hang out in Eastside’s cosy studio with their friends David Burrowes and Emily Sheehan (who are the writer & co-director, and one of the lead actors of The Drive respectively) to chat about all the highs and lows that went into filming a 12 episode series in 12 days with minimal funding.

The Drive In Studio

Unlike the smooth ride that Joel & Rhys have had working on Something Else for Eastside Radio, Dave & his radio co-host Neil have had a slightly more rocky ride on community radio, having been suspended twice (and almost cancelled one of those times) on their station. Perhaps taking it as an opportunity to vent about some of the unusual experiences they’ve had on radio, Dave & Neil decided to write a web series very loosely based on themselves and community radio.

To learn more about The Drive and what goes into creating such an ambitious project, including some of the challenges of acting in a comedic web series, check out the podcast!

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