Thespians and Pop-Ups

Delayed - Josh Forward

On Thursday eve the East Side studio was abuzz with jazz music and Christmas cheer! It was the 11th day of the East Side FM 12 days of Christmas, Something Else was about to hit live radio, young playwrite extraordinaire Josh Forward was about to be the subject of the alternative arts half hour, and all round it was a good day to be in the studio.

Along with winning the 2012 short and sweet festival with Delayed, Josh was selected to take part in the 2012 Fresh Ink program for young writers, writes film reviews for Filmink magazine, and has just been approved for new play Circuit for the 2013 pop-up arts project at The Rocks.

For someone with such an impressive list of credentials, Josh is remarkably modest. Perhaps the ongoing themes of place and belonging within his work resonate with audiences, or perhaps it’s his uncanny ability to relate to people through language, whatever the reason may be, such success is much more than sheer luck. Many people strive to be writers but are constantly hindered by a lack of inspiration, whereas Josh seems to be, as he suggested, “I’m over inspired. I look at a TV commercial and think ‘there’s a story in that'”.

So when you’re down at the Rocks next year for the East Side pop-up event, go and check out Circuit. This playwrite is yet to reveal all the tricks up his sleeve. Unfortunately Josh has no website, but you can download this podcast to hear the live reading (see below) and follow him on Twitter @JoshFo for more info on his playwriting adventures and some pretty hilarious film reviews.

*Also mentioned on the show:

– Georgina Pollard exhibition Taking Stock at A-M Gallery

– Last Thursday the Sirens Big Band played at East Side’s Live at 505, they’re an all female 17 piece band, and they’re awesome, and you       should check them out

– Cinemania is on at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay until Thursday 20th of December and it’s so awesome this year that we’ll probably have some guests from this years event on in the coming months, so check it out before it closes!

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