On this week’s Something Else, Golden Orb came into the studio to play some radical live music.

Having only met a few years ago, Bronsai Watkins and Sy Browne paired up together to become Golden Orb, a “apocalyptic, hillbilly, folk” sounding band.

Using a collection of different instruments; banjos, guitars, cajon and an appalachian dulcimer just to name a few, Golden Orb create deep and rich sounds and wonderfully crafted melodies for audiences. Sy also loves to experiment and play with sounds and uses looping to capture the normalities and abnormalities of each instrument and sounds they create.

It is the relationship and dynamics between Bron and Sy that is truly interesting. Most songs seem to have a push and pull effect with each other. Bron will watch Sy and develop on his beats and vice versa. By watching each other Bron and Sy seem to intuit each other resulting in an always new and fresh melody.

It was a beautiful experience to watch Golden Orb play and even better way to end the year. Some say the world is ending in 2012, well at least if it does, Golden Orb’s apocalyptic music was definitely fitting.

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