Last week we met the OP-1. A portable sampler, synthesizer and controller all contained within a single slice of plastic. Its player was Simon Unwin, or Hence Therefore, whose work is predominantly improvisation, all about  the spontaneity.

Prior Hence Therefore, way back when, Simon started out playing classical piano like a lot of kids do, only to move onto bass and sing as the lead in a punk band, like a lot of young guys do.

Yet Simon’s band, Intentions, wasn’t some angsty experiment. They were a legit DIY band with a wicked sound, a solid following and an unapologetic political voice. So it wasn’t for a lack of fans that Unwin moved on.

What does Hence Therefore offer a musician that Intentions doesn’t? Certainly they’re very different. To kick off with, Simon is on his own this time. The guy acknowledges that there’s a certain comfort in having a group on stage with you, and that that is certainly appealing to new musicians.

One can’t help notice though that there are a fewer, sometimes no lyrics at all in Simon’s music since he moved to the world of electronic music. Unlike punk, this genre is all about subtlety. Exploring a theme, rather than telling it, but doing so spontaneously. Perhaps more challenging in this sense, but also exciting. Simon and his audience hear the music for the first time, at the same time.

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