On last night’s show, I had a jammed packed segment with Jessie Ray, Liv In(the)finite and Nixi all part of next weeks event ART PARTY. Initiated only 3 months ago, ART PARTY is a public event that draws in the more alternate forms of art, from performance poetry to magicians and everything in between into one space to celebrate all these styles. It is held monthly at Jessie’s place labelled as The Womb in Newtown and asks for audience’s participation to celebrate and engage with the artists who are there that night.

Jessie Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist, with interests as varied as classical piano, to beatnik poetry, to fire twirling, juggling and general clowning around. Jessie has been involved in the underground poetry scene in Sydney for about a year, performing at Outspoken, Caravan Slam, Word in Hand and so on. Jessie Ray believes in many things, but especially the following two things –

1/ She believes art is the expression of love which is the meaning of being human.

2/ She believes we are powerful beyond our own understanding and if we create and inspire and spread hope and love, things will change for others, the world will change slowly.

And her performance on tonight’s show was definitely a testament to these two points.

Liv in(the)finite is a word performance street artist interested in breaking open the collective heart and unweaving its tapestry of stories. She makes poetry pasteups and recently co-facilitated poetry elements for ‘The Manifesto of Artists and Other Endangered Species’, a mass collaborative artist-run roaming street performance in Byron Bay. She co-wrote a mixed media performance with Sydney video artist Patch Sinclair for the 2013 Brisbane Fringe Festival and is currently organizing fundraising events and artistic projects as part of the refugee rights movement.

And finally Nixi, a self-taught singer/songwriter who writes haunting and beautiful pieces straight from the heart. She says, ‘When asked to explain who I am artistically, I am faced with the challenge of trying to define what exactly that is and where I am headed. The truth is, life has afforded me a great deal of blessings in many forms. Music, singing and song writing is the way I express gratitude for this, it is the way by which I seem to be documenting my life and the best way I can communicate the way I feel to people. What I create is much to do with beauty and love; both qualities which I have been lucky enough to find abundantly in my life so far.” Her two songs were touching and may have brought a few tears to some eyes.

ART PARTY is an intimate event that brings hi caliber artist from a myriad of creative backgrounds from around Sydney showcasing their raw and magnificent talent. Tickets are $10, so bring your paintbrush, spray can or marker and come along!

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