Amy Thornett – photographing female adolescence

This Thursday 25th, 6pm on Something Else, your weekly guide to alternative & emerging arts on Eastside 89.7FM, I’ll be talking to photographer Amy Thornett about her upcoming debut solo exhibition ‘Will I need to be photographed naked?’ at Firstdraft Gallery, Surry Hills.

Amy Thornett and I will be discussing social pressures and definitions of woman and girl, sexual and innocent and the insecurities and anxieties surrounding the transition between those poles. We’ll look at the act of photography and the power imbalance inherent in artist/subject and spectator/subject relationships, and notions of exposure, control and representation inherent in the way the self relates to society.

‘Angelina’, Amy Thornett, 2012, part of ‘Will I need to be photographed naked?’

Amy Thornett holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from COFA, her honours thesis examined these issues of societal angst surrounding the definitions of child and adult. Thornett received the 2010 Lucy Aspinall Scholarship Prize and was selected for the 2011 HATCHED National Graduate Show at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

Tune in to 89.7FM at 6pm on Thursday 25th October to hear this interview and discussion with Amy Thornett. You can also listen online or stream the show for four weeks after this post here.

– Maren Smith

EDIT: This podcast is now available here-