Proving art can be funky: Nut & Butter Thing

On this week’s edition of Something Else we will truly be embracing underground art. So underground in fact that it’s presence cannot be detected online, which means this blog post will be almost completely devoid of hyperlinks and photos. Which is all the more reason why on Thursday at 6.00pm you should come pre-digital with us and tune those radios to 89.7FM to find out all about Nut & Butter Thing. Luckily this Sydney-based funk band has come far enough into the 20th century to at least embrace email, over which they sent us the following blurb about themselves:

We formed as Nut & Butter Thing in 2009 when a bucket of water was placed underneath the light of a full moon which instigated a perpetual reflection in the time space contiunum. Out of this bucket formed a giant white swan who fortold a prophecy of a funk so raw and spontaneous that it would hit all in a 100m radius right in the gizzards; cure all ailments and spark left fee into toe-tapping trances. This prophecy was fulfilled when four strapping young lads and one not so strapping young lass met under an umbrella at the pub when it was raining one night. Things have never been the same since.

The band admit to drawing influences from “Erykah Badu, Parliament- Funkadelic, Santana, J Dilla, The Dap-kings, Janelle Monae, Daft Punk and The White Stripes”, and they have so far enjoyed playing gigs at “corners of pubs, warehouse parties, prestigious venues and on a City Rail train.”

If like us you have always wanted to hear Daft Punk, The White Stripes & Erykah Badu jam together, and you want to hear more about full moons, gizzards, umbrellas, trances, public transport fiestas and most importantly funk; tune into our interview with the band. (We’ll also be sure to play some stellar funk tracks to suit the occasion).

6pm this Thursday on Eastside 89.7FM or listen online.

Joel & Rhys