A discussion with Artists Residency Program (ARP)

ImageOn this week’s Something Else, it was just me, myself and I talking about the affordability – or might I say – “un” affordability of Sydney art spaces for rent.

Well it wasn’t just me, a definitely had a lot of help from Annie Laerkensen, the artistic director of A.R.P – Artistic Residency Program, who initiated a discussion surrounding the relationship between artists and high rental spaces.

A.R.P is an artists residency program established to support artists with a diversity of contemporary art form practices. A.R.P offers Sydney artists support for their practice by providing affordable, centrally located studio spaces. Artists are able to create work in the areas where they live and work. A.R.P offers a professional support network including promotion and exhibition of Sydney contemporary art.

The program addresses the shortage of affordable space for artists in Sydney, retaining and nurturing local talent, and creating a better city for contemporary art to be created in and enjoyed.

So A.R.P with its’ four resident guests along side Annie Laerkensen, co-ordinated a discussion chaired by the renowned journalist Stephen Fenely as well as City of Sydney Cultural manager Kate Murray.
The discussion was informative giving insights on both what a program like A.R.P means to artists as well as the city councils involvment with art programs like A.R.P. The panel discussed the high rental crisis in Sydney, and how important it is to have artists within the city as it stimulates both economic and community growth.

Unfortunately it was a 2-hour discussion and trying to simplify that down to a half hour show was no easy task, but definitely have a listen to what Annie and the resident artists, Stephen Fenely and Kate Murray had to say!

To find out more check out their website: www.arpprojects.com.au

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