Sidewayz 2012



On last night’s show I had RJ and Nathan to talk about next week’s exhibition Sidewayz at Global Gallery in Paddington.

Established in 2007 the Sidewayz Art exhibitions have showcased a massive cast of emerging and established artists. Predominately artist contributions have been drawn from Australia with a bit of an international flavour thrown in the mix. RJ and Nathan are two artists that will be featured in this years exhibition.

Sidewayz has always been an opportunity to bring a local focus on the crossover between the arts and board sports culture. It started way back in 2007 and now, in 2012, Sidewayz is back for its 4th exhibition. Sidewayz has proved to be an exhibition that brings together the two sub-cultures and highlight the influence each has on the other.

So basically it’s an auction exhibition with a stack of artists doing works on skate and snowboards.  What makes this exhibition different is that the proceeds from the sold artworks go to a nominated charity. In the past, Sidewayz  nominated charities like Burton’s Chill Foundation & Streetworks  that provide programming for at risk youth as well as fund relief to Christchurch’s earthquake and the water rising up in Japan . This year they have nominated “Voice”, an Australian organization helping children in Cambodia who have been victimised by abuse or exploitation.

It was a great segment last night and RJ can definitely talk fast under pressure! It was very interesting to see the unorthodox forms street art can take, especially Nathan’s work that uses skateboards as sculptural pieces. Street art is such an accessible art form; it enables youth of any culture to express themselves as an individual as well as being an avenue for teaching. That’s why Sidewayz is such a unique exhibition, not only does it showcase the already talented artists within the Sydney scene, but it acts a teaching tool for youths that are at risk for a myriad of reasons.

I am looking forward to the opening night at the Global Gallery Paddington at 6pm Thursday 23rd of August!

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