Skye Candy!


How do I even start? Last night’s show was radical, engrossing, captivating and a bag of fun. I had two performance artists, Skye Loneragan and Candy Royalle doing some performance poetry for Something Else 89.7FM. Honestly, the only form of poetry was from school (which mind you, was a while back now) and even then I didn’t think too much of it. But this was other-worldly. Candy Royalle and Skye Loneragan are two really interesting performance artist in the way they both write, style and perform their poems.

Candy Royalle is a multi-disciplinary artist who combines powerfully crafted stories with theatrics, vocal harmonies and a ‘can’t-look-away’ charisma. Talking on topics anywhere from sexual obsession to social injustice, often using seductive force to take her audiences into the darker areas of the human psyche.


Candy Royalle

And my other guest, Skye Loneragan is a national and international performance artist, working both as a soloist and in collaboration. An award-winning Australian writer/director and performance artist, training includes the RSAMD, National Directors Studio, Desmond Jones School of Mime, Theatre de Complicite, Joan La Barbara (voice) and workshops with various physical theatre practitioners and playwrights.


Skye Loneragan

Their layering of words, tonality, melody and rhythm it all blends into this inner and outer body encouter, it’s all pretty unreal. The way Skye and Candy both “perform” are two very different experiences. Skye has this style that is just oh-so familiar; it’s as if she’s an old mate retelling a great memory shared that happened only a few years ago. Contrast that was heard on last nights show being a great example. It becomes this experience layered with humour and sentiment.

And on the other hand Candy is this outer body explosion. Her rhythm becomes your heartbeat, and her words build to these peaks that fill every space in your body. Candy performed Brain Beast; a poem that draws you in for an intimate and personal experience. At times I was short of breath, just purely on the way she delivers and intensifies her words.

I mean trying to write about it is hard. I just want to do some interpretive, expressive dance to celebrate performance poetry.
And you know what? I just might.

Performoetics – A World Away From Here­ starts 7:30PM at the Red Ratttler Theatre in Marrickville. All costs and details can be found at
If you want to find more information on Candy Royalle check her website out at and Skye Loneragan at

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Skye, Myself and Candy at the Eastside Studio