Sydney Film Festival podcasts

We’ve got a veritable smorgasbord of additional content for you Something Else followers. Justine has been chatting to some international filmmakers in town as part of the Sydney Film Festival and those interviews are now available on the Something Else podcast.

These podcasts are free to download on our Something Else feed. Just go to  iTunes, open up the ‘Advanced’ menu bar, select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and paste this into the dialogue box:

One of the great things about the Sydney Film Festival each year is the chance to see some unique documentaries from around the world. You always find out something new and interesting and because the nature of documentary is often that filmmakers film hundreds of hours of footage with their subjects, they can create a very intimate glimpse into the way someone else lives. Directors Stephen Maing (High Tech, Low Life, US) and Pietra Brettkelly (Maori Boy Genius,NZ) have both made visually beautiful documentaries about people who are really engaging with the society around them.

High Tech, Low Life

High Tech, Low Life screened at the Sydney Film Festival 2012.

Zola with his iPad in a field in China

Zola is 27 years old and used to sell vegetables from a cart attached to his scooter. Then he discovered the Internet and began to ride around the country looking for stories to tell on his blog. Tiger Temple is 57 and part of the Lost Generation of Chinese people who were unable to go to university due to the Cultural Revolution, now riding his bicycle around the rural parts of China, blogging on the stories that the media doesn’t see fit to report and helping the downtrodden where he can. Together they present a fascinating picture of the Internet landscape in China, a place where citizens hungry for information are negotiating the tricky path to transparency in a country notoriously guarded about its image and the control over information.

Tiger Temple in a still from ‘High Tech, Low Life’
Director of ‘High Tech, Low Life’ Steve Maing

Maori Boy Genius

Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti in ‘Maori Boy Genius’

Screens at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday June 9th at 6.45pm, and Sunday June 10th at 12.15pm, at Event Cinemas George St. Tickets can be purchased at the SFF website

Born under the sign of the double rainbow and displaying great intelligence and political consciousness from a young age, 16-year old Maori Ngaa Rauuira Pumanawawhiti is destined for great things and slated as a future leader of the Maori people and New Zealand. Having obtained his first university diploma at the age of 13 and frustrated at being halted from studying further, he enrols in Yale’s School of Politics. This film follows the journey of this charismatic and ambitious young man, with the weight of the expectations of his family and tribe on his shoulders, as his engagement in politics moves beyond his passion for his culture and for books and into action.

Ngaa Rauuira (centre) performing the Haka
Director Pietra Brettkelly