RADIO // FLESH // HORROR by Zoe Robertson

In this week’s episode of Something Else, Thursday 6pm on 89.7FM, local artist Zoe Robertson guest curates a very special live radio artwork titled ‘RADIO//FLESH//HORROR’:

for a short time this great power, the radio, is dealing only with you, lean back, let yourself go, close your eyes, this is how I want you… I’m filling your room, turning into a giant, to give you the chance to choose, to turn the volume down, to turn it up, just as you please. To give you the chance to treat me like an object, shameless and free, only for your pleasure… take this chance. How exciting can I be for you …and what kind of object are you for me? What kind of performance can I give at your expense-and without resistance? …should I torture you, or caress you, in front of all those strangers, those large numbers of men, women and children who are listening, who are all taking part in our little story…”

-Tibor Hajas, Hang Performance, 1979.


‘I propose to compose a radio show comprising of elements symbolic of the history of radio itself, especially in its capacity as an occasionally revolutionary format for “sound art” (which has often happened before it was thought of as such), performance, comedy and experimental music. The kind of comedy element I would be focusing on would be the more abject aspects coming out of the work of sometimes aggressively offensive comedians such as Peter Cook and Dudley Moore; the strange correlation between such supposedly palatable format and the reductivist impulses of those who would make radio about radio. The radio programme I would guest curate would rather be a forum in discussion of the mediation of art and the possibility of taking back media as different spaces for art in itself, separate from criticism and mindless publicity. I propose to do this through my own kind of ranting vaguely poetic work comprising of the themes here outlined, combined with the intervention of selected guests from various different backgrounds, (some qualified to speak to the spatial qualities of sound others the temporal).’ – Zoe Robertson

Zoe is an oral historian. She believes that the written word should go the way of music notation… She likes signs though, signs are pretty and fatal.
 Zoe is an anarchist but only in the metaphysical sense. She helps to run an outpost gallery in the form of Kudos. She has opened her office and her heart up to the world. She is a sometime poet-for-hire/chanteuse/comedienne/video artist/sculptor/painter (dilettante of the cult of personality)… and all in the name of fecundity and the ethereal pursuit of pleasure.
 While Zoe supports the commodification of art, she prefers art of the god-making order. She gives it away for free (over the internet- and and ) (she is also available for birthdays, weddings bar/batmitzvahs, the opening of a packet of chips). Please love her.

To hear this very special broadcast of RADIO//FLESH//HORROR by Zoe Robertson, tune in to Eastside 89.7FM tomorrow Thursday 7th June, at 6pm.