Arts Interviews with Aaron Seeto, Penny Vozniak and Ganga Giri

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On Thursday 24th May, I filled in for Susie Lindeman and hosted Arts Thursday on Eastside 89.7FM, I was joined in the studio by Aaron Seeto, director of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and curator of Variable Truth, and also interviewed Penny Vozniak, director of Sydney Film Fest doco Despite the Gods, and musician Ganga Giri who is touring single ‘Get It Started’ accompanied by visual projections by Meltstation.

Variable Truth

Aaron Seeto just made it back from China and Hong Kong in time for a quick interview before the opening of Variable Truth, an exhibition of a variety of artists whose work draws on cultural and historical narratives across the Asia Pacific. Aaron told us how he went about curating the exhibition and talked about Australia’s role in the Asian arts community.

I think that, yes, Australia has a lot to learn, but that it shouldn’t underestimate the role that it has already played… [in the Asia Pacific arts community]’ – Aaron Seeto

Michael Lee, Petronas, 2011, Courtesy of 4A

The artists involved include Tony Albert, Brook Andrew, Melissa Howe, Roslisham Ismail (ISE), Michael Lee, Greg Semu, Alexander Seton, Tim Silver, Tony Twigg.

ISE’s work Jalan Jalan Makan Angin (Walking Around And Eating The Clouds) involves the artist taking two malaysian residents of Australia to see tourist sights they had’t had a chance to enjoy when working full time in Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets. It draws attention to the distinction between ‘local’ and ‘tourist’ and also highlights ISE’s belief that art should have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Jalan Jalan Makan Anjin still image from tumblr, ISE, 2012

Variable Truth opened in 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney on Thursday night and is showing until the 14th July, 2012.

Despite the Gods

Penny Vozniak joined us on air to talk about her documentary Despite the Gods which is showing as part of the Sydney Film Festival in June. Despite the Gods traces Jennifer Chamber Lynch’s journey to make a Bollywood film about the snake woman, titled ‘Hisss’.

Following in the tradition of epic ‘making-of’ documentaries such as Hearts Of Darkness and Burden Of Dreams, Despite the Gods gives an insight into the trials and tribulations of a filmmaker struggling against the odds, and in this case, the odds, the Gods and a major Indian cultural shock are lined up against her.


Despite the Gods is showing as part of the Sydney Film Festival at 6:30pm on the 9th June, 2012

Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri is a world renowned didgeridoo player whose fat beats and pulsing bass lines combine to create a techno-tribal dance sound. He’s on tour with Get It Started, a single from his Good Voodoo.

The Get It Started tour is accompanied by epic visual projection by VJ Meltstation. Check out a sample of Meltstation’s projections here.

Good Voodoo, Ganga Giri 2011

Before the tour heads off overseas, you can catch it at various local shows including a MyHeartSpace Dreamtime Dance show at Paddington Anglican Church to celebrate National Reconciliation Week (27th May – 3rd June), on Saturday 2nd June. Check Ganga Giri’s website for more details on the international Get It Started tour.

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