Something Else – 17th May, feat. Nick Keys, Iron Sky and the AV Club Fundraiser.

This week on Something Else, we bring you the much anticipated performance lecture ‘Becoming Otherwise Occupied’ by Nick Keys, produced by Lauren Carroll Harris. It’s a great piece of work and you can download a podcast of the show (including the piece) by following the links at the bottom of the blog post.

We also mentioned the fundraising event which went down last Saturday night for Kinema and Sound Series. It was a full-on event with some intense noise art, awesome vintage film, and performance pieces. If this sounds like the sort of stuff you’re into, you can follow both Kinema and Sound Series through their Facebook pages and be kept up to date with all their latest shows.

If the Nazi sci-fi epic Iron Sky caught your attention, you can check out their website for more info on the background of the movie, cast and crew and merchandise, and the Hoyts website for session times.

Don’t forget to keep listening to Something Else and Eastside Radio as we release more details about the up and coming Vivid Live  festival. We’re all looking forward to some wild and wicked nights of music, performance and dancin’ beats! Facebook event page is HERE!

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