Q&A with sound art curator, cat enthusiast and cheesy R&B groover Romy Caen

Q&A with sound art curator, cat enthusiast and cheesy R&B groover Romy Caen


(Photo: Forenzics at Sound Series. By Lucien Alperstein)

As a follow up to last week’s show, we continued our harassment of Sydney-based sound art curator Romy Caen. Here’s a quick peep show of the emerging, independent and experimental sound art that Romy’s listening to, and a hit list of events for the next week or so.

Name: Romy Caen

Day Job: Casual Feline Services Attendant at the Cat Protection Society, Enmore.

Three events you’re looking forward to: Moduluxxx showcase – Serial Space, Friday April 27th, ft Robin Fox, David Burrastion, Hair Hochman, Pia van Gelder, Nadir.

The NOW Now Series #2 – 401 Monday April 30th, ft Mike Cooper/Chris Abrahams, Jon Wilton/Jeremy Tatar/Andrew Fedorovitch, Jon Watts/Ben Byrne, xNoBBQx.

Sound Series – The AV Union, Friday May 4th, ft Anthony Guerra, Black Cracker, Sex Tape.

Three sound/art groups of the moment: Can’t speak for everyone but at the moment I love Grouper, Sky Needle and lots of cheesy rnb.

Latest sound art musical discovery: Lots of treasures around; Jeremy Tatar, Black Cracker, Ivan Cheng.

Favourite unknown/under-appreciated Sydney destination (venue, park anywhere): The Townie (Newtown)

Your dream line up for the ultimate Sound Series: Grouper, Sky Needle, Jeremy Tatar, Black Cracker, Ivan Cheng.
+ lots of cheesy R&B.

Your ultimate Sound Series venue: An old church. (LCH: Can we make this happen?!)


Romy’s next curatorial project, Sound Series, is restarting on May 4 at her new artist-run space on Parramatta Road. Sound Series evenings feature a bunch of creative menaces whose core curatorial link is a commitment to experimentation through sound. These are the nights that Something Else adores – you never who’s playing, or what perimeters of music they’ll cross, but go in with an open ear and you are guaranteed to be floored by at least one artist who doesn’t care for conventions or classics. Do it. Promise me.

Lauren Carroll Harris