Poetry sans berets and beatniks


Forget what you know about poetry. Forget what you think about spoken word artists.

Last night, Something Else recorded at Outspoken, a monthly spoken word night. Think poetry, but less existential. Think hip hop, but less pimps and misogyny. Think milkcrates and trucker caps and flanno shirts.

Don’t imagine a poetry reading, imagine the vibe of a gig, live music night. And don’t imagine a venue. Imagine someone’s loungeroom in a warehouse in Surry Hills, one you’ve probably walked past dozens of times without realising. People have brought their own drinks and snacks, there’s an intimate feel.

Before checking out these spoken word nights, I had never considered hip hop artists as writers. Of course they’re completely awe-inspiring wordsmiths, but I now wonder why they aren’t valued as fully fledged writers? After all, it’s the 21st Century, and “blogger” is a legit career choice. Apparently. How arbitrary the divide between high and low culture can be.

There’ll be more storytelling nights on Something Else….stay tuned.

Here’s what’s exciting us this week:

The new clip for Ngaiire’s Filthy, shot by artist collective Brown Council’s Kate Blackmore.

A simple concept, taken to the max.


Daily Meds’ “Dance”

Another clip that shows that creativity and resourcefulness will always eclipse a big budget. Features P Smurf who was on our show this eve. It just makes me smile alot.


The AV Club Inventory’s list of best (or is that worst?) blockbuster ripoffs

Speaking of low budget, pop culture junkies will get a kick out of watching Hollywood cannibalise itself. Here’s a hint: DO NOT Google search “Snakes on a Train” unless you’re up for an evening of Lynchian trauma.


Let’s hang out next week at 6pm. I’ll be the one wearing a beret.

Lauren Carroll Harris