Have you had your weekly dosage?

Cardboard kitchens, abandoned warehouses, falling in love at Occupy, and a Microphone Mermaid….

Speaking of Toast, Cardboard Kitchen, Alexandra Clapham & Penelope Benton, 2012

Here’s lots of things to do, make, be part of over the next week:

  • 72 Hours of Art at 107 Projects
    Development without gentrification in Redfern? That’s something else. This new hybrid art space is opening its doors this weekend with a three-day artmaking marathon. Drop in to see the results any time this weekend.
  • OutSpoken #14
    Go swim in the murky rapids of spoken word poetry. Next Wednesday, at Hibernian house.
  • We played Ngairre‘s new single Filthy, here’s the clip.
  • The Cardboard Kitchen
    A kitchen made of stuff that’s been saved from landfill. And it works. By Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham, two artists who dare to think beyond the reality of what is, into the realm of what could be. Closes March 31.


Another artist who is concerned with turning one world into another is Nick Keys. His performative art lecture, Becoming Otherwise Occupied, is about falling in love at Occupy Sydney, the protest that was down the road, and all over the world. It’s about the marriage of politics and love, and it’s delivered in an art-based storytelling framework, rather than a reporting framework. Here’s a preview vid.

Saturday March 31
Occupy Sydney, Martin Place, Sydney

Presented by Occupy Sydney Free School and Serial Space.

Go on! “Get amongst it” and so on and so forth!

PS. Here’s our podcast.