Thursday 22nd March – Carolyn Teo aka Wun Thong

WARNING: This week’s Something Else show with Carolyn Teo aka Wun Thong contains hypnotizing Magic Balls and Bird Calls. These sweet atmospheric reverberations should not be listened to while operating heavy machinery. Please listen to this Something Else podcast responsibly. 

Amient sounds of droning and birdcalls wafted down through your radio last Thursday as we were joined on Something Else by sound and performance artist Carolyn Teo aka. Wun Thong who is performing at Late Night Library as Part Two of the NOW now solo series next Thursday.

now NOW series Part Two poster, Wun Thong

Carolyn Teo is a multimedia, sound, video, installation and performance artist who builds incredible instruments out of found objects. She brought in to the studio a host of her instruments: a magic tree with pink and purple balls which she bowed with a beautiful second hand bow, an 80s toy apple, a wooden woodpecker and her tuning forks. Surreal and cute maybe, but it creates an impressively rich and ambient sound.

Dodgy phone photograph taken by Maren of the amazing Carolyn Teo and instruments, 2012

We also spoke with Carolyn about the genesis of the very elderly, whiskered and wise Wun Thong. Wun Thong is ‘a poet and accomplished BS artist who creates experimental music in the genre of Tropical Western Swing’, and he came about as a myspace joke and has been playing his magic balls and bird calls in galleries and festivals ever since.

Wun Thong's New York Days photograph by Vija

Carolyn also told us about some of her other installation and interactive works such as an audience created pop-up garden in Bendigo. She is also currently in the process of delving into the Chinese history of rural Australia, which stretches back over two hundred years.

Outback, 2007, Carolyn Teo

To be hypnotised by Wun Thong’s magic balls and bird calls, get down to the Late Night Library at Surry Hills Library next Thursday 29th March at 8:30pm. Check the event page as Part Two of the NOW now series for details.

Directions on how to download this very special podcast with Carolyn Teo aka Wun Thong are below!



Don’t stay indoors this week, there are a host of film festivals continuing or opening soon:

  • Seen and Heard closes next Thursday with a final night of films with women in major production roles, it’s at the Red Rattler in Marrickville.
  • Fantastic Planet brings you sci-fi fantasy and horror films all week until the 1st April, it’s showing at Dendy Newtown.
  • The Young At Heart Seniors Film Festival is in it’s sixth year, and is the only event in the world which caters specifically to film lovers over sixty years of age. It closes today, so put your teeth in and get out there and catch some moving pictures.
  • African Film Festival Australia is an inaugaural event to hit our shores. The festival will showcase features, documentaries, shorts, animations, experimental and classic films from the African continent. They also have other events like a Fela Kuti celebration. The Festival opens on the 5th April, get your tickets soon!
  • The German Film Festival is on soon too, opening April 18.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, tune your radio to 89.7FM at 6pm next week Thursday for more inspiring, creative and alternative arts discussion, interviews and sounds.

-Maren – @marensmith

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