Are you the kind of person your neighbours refuse to make eye contact with?

The kind who shock jocks want locked up?

The kind who refuses to get a “real job”? Who probably doesn’t have a drivers’ license and probably never will? (At least we can hide behind environmental “concerns” now.)


Something Else is perfect for you! We want you!

We’re opening our airwaves to all writers. We want your true and untrue stories – short stories, first-person narratives, poetry, slam and spoken word of up to 10mins of any theme – we’ll curate entries into shows that make sense once we receive them. Some of the themes we’re considering include Possible Worlds, The World is Watching, and Beautiful Cities. But don’t let that limit you. Seriously, go nuts.

It’s a chance for people to get broadcast on an artist-run show and be part of an exciting creative project that potentially dozens of people will listen to.

If accepted, writers will perform their work live or pre-record for us to play at later in a series of storytelling specials.

Let me know if you’d like to be part of this by sending me your story/poem/whatever:

EDIT: You don’t have to be a writer. There are going to be some excellent hip hop artists on the show too – who are great writers but don’t see themselves as falling under that ‘writer’ banner. So just send us your stuff and we’ll see what we see.