Live storytelling special featuring Caravan Slam

BIG THANKS to the Caravan Slam crew for packing into our tiny studio for the Something Else live storytelling special. It was quite special, I think!

We heard from New York’s Freddy Rowe, Robert Gray and David Kopycinski and chatted to Saha Jones who organises the monthly poetry slam competition.

LISTEN – Sweet unsigned tunes for you
Add these independent Australian musos to your playlist:

  • Ngaiire – heartfelt vocals and complex melodies
  • Alphamama – have just released a great new track featuring Ngaiire.
  • Elana Stone – an incredible vocalist and songwriter.

GO – your underground arts calendar for this week

  • Caravan Slam are hosting a night next week, and stay tuned for details about their first birthday extravaganza
  • Elana Stone and Ngaiire – they’ve been in residence at a tiny new artist-run space called the Newsagency every Wednesday this month. It’s a boarded up old newsagency on Enmore Road – how many times have you driven past it without realising it’s an amazing venue?!
  • Lucy Moore at Alaska Projects – this gallery really encapsulates the idea of utilising barren urban spaces. It’s in the office of a carpark in Kings Cross. Nice, huh?! Here’s to more creative invasion of city areas.
  • TONIGHT! The Now Now at Late Night Library – LNL continues to curate engaging and intelligent evenings at Surry Hills Library. The Now Now crew never fail to push new sonic boundaries, and this gig promises to be really something (or should we say, something else?), with live electronic percussionist maestro Robbie Avenaim and his mysterious S.A.R.P.S (Semi Automatic Robotic Percussion System).

Today is in fact SLAM  (Save Live Australian Music) day.  So our challenge to you is to get down to a live venue this weekend and be part of your local music community. It will make you happier! GO!

Lauren Carroll Harris