9th February – Branch 3D shows The Window Series

If you heard a scuffling under your window this week, there’s a chance your bathroom, bedroom or lounge room window is a part of Harriet Body’s latest video work The Window Series, to be shown in Branch3D Window Gallery in Forest Lodge.

‘All my work actually is about observation, and observing existence, and this work in particular is about observing domesticity and community and collectivity as well as individualism.’ – Harriet Body

In this episode of Something Else (Thursday 9th, 2012) I caught up with Harriet Body, a familiar voice to some of you who might remember the video and performance artist from an episode in November, and Sarah Nolan, artist and director of Branch3D Window Gallery.


The Window Series, Harriet Body, 2012

We talk about the process Harriet went through in filming unoccupied windows of unaware Sydney residents, the nature of voyuerism and concepts of watching and how it relates to community and the individual. Harriet Body is a performance and video artist whose works often involve performance, video and her own body, pictures and contact information are available at harrietbody.com.

Branch3D Window Gallery

Sarah Nolan discusses the space of Branch 3D Window Gallery, a three dimensional space on street level in Forest Lodge which will be exhibiting a variety of artworks, sculptures, models and videos between 8am and 9pm. Director Sarah Nolan is a visual artist herself whose works reappropriate ‘feminine’ domestic handicrafts.

‘I’m interested in showing people who aren’t represented, and just work that appeals really, it’s hard to describe what that is in words, but you know it when you see it.’ – Sarah Nolan

The Window Series opens at Branch3D Window Gallery on March 2nd, for event details check the facebook page. It’s one of 200 events at one of 100 galleries involved in Art Month 2012 which also opens next month.

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– Maren (twitter)