1st December – Star Wars Burlesque and The Great Klepto Debate

This week’s episode of Something Else with Maren was jam packed with topics from Darth Vader to DIY-urbanism, from Burlesque to Soap-Boxes…

I had three exciting guests join me, for the first half of the show I chatted to burlesque costume designer Bridget Hollins who was involved in Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back, among other shows, at The Vanguard in Newtown. In the second half of the show  I was joined by two of the people involved in the sixth Great Debate at Serial Space, whose topic this time is ‘Is Property Theft’: Dr Ann Deslandes, an academic who prefers not to be refered to as a blogger, and Pia van Gelder, an electronic media artist and co-director of Serial Space.

‘Burlesque involves stripping but…  there has got to be some sort of artistic intent, ideally a narrative’ – Bridget Hollins

Billie Bradshaw as Boba Fett, costume by Bridget Hollins

Bridget Hollins designs costumes for a number of burlesque shows, including the enormously popular Star Wars Burlesque: The Empire Strips Back presented by Jaded Vanities at the Vanguard. She told us about the difficulties of trying to get a material as stretchy as her contortionist dancer Billie Bradshaw, playing Boba Fett, and took us on a little history lesson about the origins of burlesque, which began as groups of women reading Shakespeare, involving elements of political satire, but not originally involving nudity.

‘[In Shakespearean times]… no women were allowed to even be on stage… so the fact that these troupes of women were doing that to begin with would have been quite radical at the time’ – Bridget Hollins

The Great Klepto Debate at Serial Space

Dr. Ann Deslandes is an academic whose work has covered topics from flea market shopping to D.I.Y.-urbanism. She’s taking part in the sixth Great Debate at Serial Space on the negative side of the topic ‘Is Property Theft?’ We discussed how Serial Space is a great example of D.I.Y.-urbanism in action, and the trials and tribulations of hypothetically being put on the debating team for the opposite of your own opinion. Ann has a ‘scrapblog’ called Flat 7 and you can reach her on twitter.

‘Usually the debates, are the most debated things at Serial Space meetings… it gets the most heightened discussion, if not rantings and ravings!’ – Pia van Gelder

Pia van Gelder is an electronic media artist and a co-director of artist-run initiative Serial Space, whose most harrowing debating experience was the debate about what the debate topic should be. This time, she won them over pretty easily with the topic ‘Is Property Theft’, one which is easily thrown around but not so easily defined and discussed. The debate is expected to cover topics from real estate to intellectual property. To find out more about Pia’s work you can check out her website.

A previous debate: The Great Donkey Debate, photo by Serial Space

‘What I like about it, is that it’s an opportunity for the communities around this idea of DIY and around establishing places for us to make art and culture… to be able to talk that stuff out, and to do it with beer, and also with some really provocative ideas.’ – Dr Ann Deslandes on the Great Debate

The Great Debate at Serial Space is the sixth one of its kind, and if you’d like to get down and see and hear what the action is all about, it’s on this Saturday 3rd December at Serial Space, cost is $7, with a bonus of a post-debate opportunity to stand on a soap-box for a minute and have a rant of your own! For more information on the upcoming debate, and other events at Serial Space, check out their website or the serial space facebook page.

Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back at The Vanguard

Bridget Hollins has designed a variety of costumes for burlesque stage shows, short films and more. To contact her or see more of her work, check out her facebook page.

Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back is on for three more shows on the 9th, 10th and 11th of this month, but unfortunately it has sold out again, so if you missed out, you can check it out in Brisbane and Melbourne when it goes on tour, or wait until February when it’ll be on again. Many more exciting burlesque shows will be on at the Vanguard in the new year, so stay tuned to their website and the Star Wars Burlesque facebook page for more details.

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– Maren