17th November- Harriet Body & The Amazing Rolling Picture Show

Maren caught up with Harriet Body, performance and video artist whose video work The Belly Series is showing as part of The Amazing Rolling Picture Show in Market Row this Thursday 24th November in Sydney’s CBD as part of City of Sydney’s Art & About‘s laneway art project.

Harriet Body getting a work out at the Paper Mill

Harriet Body’s works often uses her body as a site or medium; we chatted about her innovative use of ‘sebum’ (the natural oils from skin) as an artistic medium to project through for Expression Impression.

‘The trace from my face’ – Harriet on sebum

where sebum comes from, in case you were wondering

She’s had almost back-to-back exhibitions in the past couple of months with video and performance works at spaces such as the Helen Gorie Gallery, The Paper Mill and Eastern Block Gallery. Her brief foray into cartography, The Bus Series, although artistically successful didn’t result in any maps that you could use to trace Sydney’s bus routes back home.

‘I’m so up & coming, my arms and legs hurt from climbing!’ -Harriet, though her arms might hurt from spending six hours rubbing paper on the walls of the Paper Mill for her performance work there.

Harriet Body

She’s very excited to have her Belly Series screening this Thursday on a rickshaw as a part of The Amazing Rolling Picture Show, curated by Emma Pike and Sarah Langdon. Every Thursday a rickshaw is set up in a different laneway in the CBD, with video art projected onto it.

The Red Rickshaw getting zooped up

‘I feel a bit weird about putting my own art in my own shows… I think the building of the rickshaw was our art!’ -Emma Pike (ARPS curator)

I also caught up with Emma & Sarah out in one of these laneways to see Liam Benson’s work projected on a lovely red rickshaw, and chatted to some of the revelrous audience who were very excited to see the sounds (and smells!) of the forest being brought to the urban centre of Sydney.

Emma & Sarah and their pride & joy, the red rickshaw

‘I think people are really excited… about the concept of these strange contraptions rolling through the city and projecting videos’ – Sarah Langon (ARPS curator)

Check out The Belly Series 8pm-10pm this Thursday 24th November in Market Row, and check out the Amazing Rolling Picture Show program and facebook page for up to date information on the show. City of Sydney also lots of other interesting laneways projects on their website.

For more information on Harriet Body click that link and check out her beautiful website!

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